Number of injuries caused by driving-related accidents

Reduce rate of injuries caused by driving-related accidents to 10 per month

Our performance has declined slightly for this period in preventing driving-related accidents. There have been a few recent accidents due to an apparent increase in smartphone usage on the road that have led to injury. We are planning to address this in our next city newsletter and find ways to target demographics most at risk for texting and driving.

These are the injuries tracked by police and hospital personnel that were caused by driving related accidents are measured on a monthly basis. This includes accidents involving two vehicles, or one vehicle and a pedestrian, bicyclist, or inanimate structure.

The number of injuries from driving-related accidents is a concrete way to measure the safety of our roads. Safe roads are an inherent part of making Metropolis an appealing place for all individuals and especially families. This measure also allows us to track the need for the dissemination of driving safety materials, and allows us to keep track of the most common causes of accidents.