Percent of eligible voters who voted in the last city election

Increase participation of eligible voters to 80%

Generally, we see average turnout during City Election years with greater turnout in Federal Midterm Election years such as last year, and the highest turnout during Presidential Election years like three years ago.

If we compare our two City Election years (two years ago and this year) then we have seen some improvement from one year to the other, but we still lag behind our target.

In order to have a vibrant and inclusive community, we need our citizenry to feel their city government is fairly elected and represents the will of the majority. One way to ensure that is to have as many eligible voters as possible participating in elections. Moreover, we want our citizens to be excited about elections and voting in them.

Engagement is very important to the success in a city so we should track the percent of those who vote in the city elections. This is a good indicator of those who are involved in the city overall.