Percentage of residents rating public schools "Good" or "Excellent"

Provide high quality education such that 90% of citizens rate Metropolis' public schools as 'good' or 'excellent'

Ratings of public schools have fallen short of our expectations this year. This may be due to the turnover in administrative personnel and general adjustment to the resulting changes in our school systems. In particular, we experienced a backlash to our standardized testing practices and are making it a goal to re-evaluate this summer.

Education is important to Metropolis and helps to build Metropolis's future. It is essential that our public schools are highly rated as this can become a factor in residents choosing to relocate elsewhere. This is why we keep a high goal of 90% satisfaction and consider percentages short of 80% an indication that some improvement is necessary.

Resident satisfaction is important for Metropolis, especially when it comes to education - we are doing our community's parents and children a disservice if our public education falls behind. Tracking this measure allows us to monitor our improvements over time and know when we need to reach out for more information.